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Se-Hang eng is the reliable company who can satisfy customer’s requirements in designing,
production, installation and after-sales service based on our deep experiences and technologies.

Se-Hang eng is the company specialized in designing, production and installation
of mechanical equipment and facilities such as industrial plants, various steel structures,
mechanical facilities, special refrigerators and etc.

Through improvement of capabilities in technology, production and installation, we
exert ourselves to stand out as a company specialized in mechanical facilities used in
industrial sites, and will continue to do our best to provide leading total solutions for
our customers. We are putting forth every effort to provide utmost installing techn
ologies in industrial sites to satisfy customer’s requirements.

Se-Hang eng has accumulated varied experiences and technologies in installation of me
chanical facilities at industrial sites and also production and installation of special re
frigerating facilities.
We are committed to take care of designing, production, install
ation of mechanical facilities and after-sales service for our customers.

Do not hesitate and feel free to contact us for your need. Let us commit ourselves f
or your business prosperity and satisfaction of your requirements. We will put forth
our best efforts for each and every one of our customers so that our customers sh
all be satisfied with their choice of Se-Hang eng.

All of us in our companyarenot content with our current scope of business in refrige
rating system and we are trying our best to develop new technologies with the spiri
ts of diligence (勤), creation (創造) and trust (信義).
Let us commit ourselves to prov
ide our best for our customers so that our customers can rely upon Se-Hang eng for our
specialized technologies and know-hows.

Thank you.